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How to log a support ticket with Extra Dimensions IT

Many of our users are unsure of how to log a support ticket. So I have decided to write this blog post to explain the procedure.

Firstly, why must you log a support ticket? That is a good question. We at Extra Dimensions IT use a ticketing system to keep track of IT related problems that our customers might experience. We not only keep track of these problems but we prioritize them and plan our site visits and engineers time based on the tickets logged on our system. In addition to this, we also use the tickets logged for statistical and informational purposes. We can always look back at how we resolved tickets if we need to repeat the process, thereby cutting down on the time it would have taken to research and test the planned solution. The faster we can resolve an issue, the better for you!

So, now that you understand why it important to log a support ticket, let’s get into how to log a support ticket. We have gone through great lengths to ensure that it is easy to log a support ticket. Currently, we offer 3 ways to log a support ticket. Email, Web and Phone. By far the easiest way to log a support ticket is to send an email. Our ticketing system will receive the email, log a ticket immediately and send you an email with the ticket number. At the same time, it will also send emails and SMS’ to all engineers to alert them that a new support ticket has been logged. As soon as any engineer is available, then they will log into the system and attend to the logged ticket.

To log a ticket via email, simply send an email to support@extradimensionsit.co.za, stating the problem you are experiencing. Remember to include a subject and description of the problem, including any errors received. It helps us if you include as much information as possible in your email message. You can also include an attachment or a screen shot of the error. See screen shot below of an example of a support ticket using email.
email_ticket.jpgOnce sent, you will receive an email from our automated system with the ticket reference number. And of course, the most important, an engineer will contact you shortly to assist :-)

But what do you do if your email is not working? Using any computer with internet access, you can go to our web portal and log a support ticket. In the background, our systems will follow the same procedure as with emails. It will log the ticket, email you the reference number and SMS and email all Extra Dimensions IT engineers to inform them of your logged support ticket. To use our web portal, go to http://extradimensionsit.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new. Enter your email address, a subject regarding your problem and then a brief explanation of the problem. Make sure to include as much information as possible. Also note that you are able to include attachments. The last step is to prove that you are not a SPAM robot trying to SPAM us and this is done by entering the characters you see in the picture. Now click on the “Submit” button and your support ticket will be logged. See a screen shot of an example ticket being logged.

Now if your email does not work, and you do not have access to the internet, then you can either ask a colleague to log a ticket on your behalf or you can phone our office and report your problem over the phone. Our support engineers will log the ticket on your behalf and arrange for assistance. You can reach us at 011 074 5144.

And there you have it, 3 easy ways to log a support ticket to make sure we assist you as soon as possible. As always, feel free to contact us should you have any comments or questions.

Willie Strydom - 10:57:00 @ Common, IT Support | 1 comment