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How to log a support ticket with Extra Dimensions IT

Many of our users are unsure of how to log a support ticket. So I have decided to write this blog post to explain the procedure.

Firstly, why must you log a support ticket. [Read More…]

Willie Strydom - 10:57:00 @ Common, IT Support | 1 comment


Incorrect Email address in cached “To”


We here at Extra Dimensions IT, often get called for a problem where the cached email address is incorrect. This means that while the recipient’s email address has not changed, when you send an email, and you use the cached address in the “To” field, you get an error stating that the recipient address is incorrect or does not exist. While this might seem like a major issue, it is relatively easy to fix. [Read More…]

Willie Strydom - 09:38:42 @ IT Support, Microsoft Office | 1 comment


Do we need Antivirus?

During the holidays, I was chatting to someone who mentioned that they still use Windows XP and was considering the move to Windows 10. Obviously loving Windows 10, I encouraged him to make the change. Then he dropped a bomb. [Read More…]

Willie Strydom - 13:31:35 @ Privacy, IT Support, Antivirus | 2 comments


How to identify fake or scam emails


You open your email and it catches your eye. An email from a financial institution stating that if you do not click on the link, your account will be frozen or cancelled. What do you do. [Read More…]

Willie Strydom - 07:37:39 @ Privacy, IT Support | 1 comment