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road-sign-464653_640.jpgSo, for the last few months, Americans have been plagued by a new IT support scam. Sadly, scammers are now also targeting South Africans. A client of ours have recently been contacted in an attempt to catch them in this scam. [Read More…]

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shield-105499_960_720.jpgI have blogged about security and social networking before, but I do think it is a very serious issue these days. I was recently sent a link to www.takethislollipop.com, and it scared the living daylights out of me! When you navigate to the site, it asks you for your Facebook login details. [Read More…]

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Many of our users are unsure of how to log a support ticket. So I have decided to write this blog post to explain the procedure.

Firstly, why must you log a support ticket. [Read More…]

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Email-Etiquette.jpgMajority of businesses and people today use email. It has become the major form of communication between people and teams who are apart. But I often notice that some people kind of follow their own rules and etiquette when it comes to sending emails. [Read More…]

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We here at Extra Dimensions IT, often get called for a problem where the cached email address is incorrect. This means that while the recipient’s email address has not changed, when you send an email, and you use the cached address in the “To” field, you get an error stating that the recipient address is incorrect or does not exist. While this might seem like a major issue, it is relatively easy to fix. [Read More…]