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Are we exposing ourselves too much on the internet?

shield-105499_960_720.jpgI have blogged about security and social networking before, but I do think it is a very serious issue these days. I was recently sent a link to www.takethislollipop.com, and it scared the living daylights out of me! When you navigate to the site, it asks you for your Facebook login details. It then shows a movie where this really scary and dodgy looking guy views your Facebook profile. You read right! He actually looks at YOUR Facebook profile, your pictures and your wall. He then goes all stalker on your ass and decides to go pay you a visit.

Now to some it seems very funny and rather cool, but you cannot deny the message behind the gag. This raised the question, do we expose ourselves too much on social networking sites? These days, every little piece of our lives seem to be somehow noted or discussed on some social networking site somewhere. Which one of us do not follow our ex’s blog or tweets? Who doesn’t first research a new romance prospect by searching for his or her name on all the social networking sites first? Now be honest, we all do it!! Employers and personnel placement agencies also started looking at potential candidates social pages. It’s the way our society has changed.

With the internet at our fingertips, information has never been closer. You can find out how to service your car, bake an award winning cake or even learn to fly in a matter of minutes. But the problem is that the internet by pure design is not meant to be controlled and limited and as a result, it seems that as there are many benefits, there seems to be just as many flaws. Information is available, any information. Information that maybe, should not be available at all.

I have a friend who knows someone working as a VIP Bodyguard. It was very amusing, and at the same time very disturbing, when we looked at his Facebook posts where he checked in at various places waiting for his client to finish meetings. Now, maybe I am watching way too many movies but surely any would-be assassin could very easily follow Mr Bodyguard’s Facebook updates to determine where the best place for an ambush would be? Ok, I know what you are thinking, over-active imagination! But it doesn’t have to be an evil assassin.

So what do we do? I don’t think there is much we can do. These days, people without any social networking site pages are frowned upon. And let’s be honest, that is rather weird! But what we can do is think carefully about the information we do publish. Do we really want a potential employer to know about regular binging, or a potential new girlfriend to find out about that freaky night that included a super-hero costume, a monkey and a broken chandelier? Perhaps not.

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